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          We would highly appreciate your help in ensuring that Africa’s wildlife and ecosystems remain intact. The African Lion & Environmental Research Trust conducts various projects around Zimbabwe and Zambia from Lion research projects to helping struggling communities surrounding Chizarira and Victoria Falls who have to live side by side with wildlife and face struggles that are unknown to most societies.

          Please take a look at these giving options and consider joining forces with the ALERT team to make a difference in the world of wildlife conservation.

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          Provide ALERT with unrestricted donations so that we can use your kindness and support to the best of our abilities in conserving the African Lion and ecosystems that support it.

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          By becoming a corporate pride member of ALERT your company is showing a clear demonstration of your commitment to environmental sustainability, by supporting conservation projects that benefit wildlife and improve the lives of local people in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
          As a Corporate Pride Member not only can you strengthen your corporate responsibility program but your organization, customers and staff have access to a range of unique benefits to engage in wildlife conservation and community development.

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          Make a restricted donation to an ALERT project.

          ALERT conducts various research and community projects in Livingstone, Victrola Falls, Chizarira sand Gweru. Donate now to the specific projects of your choice from Elephant Research in Chizarira National Park to community projects across Zimbabwe.

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          Become a member of the ALERT pride

          By becoming an ALERT pride member you will have access to a variety of benefits that are only available to members. You are also directly helping ALERT achieve our goal of securing a future for the African lion, the diversity of African wildlife ecosystems, and will be helping support local communities.

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          And give your time to help us raise funds for our programs

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